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reel materials and clips
(I'll add more bits and pieces as I am able... enjoy)

Filmed January 2011, featured in contemporary art appreciation on episode of "Braxton Family Values" for WeTV

Filmed August 2007, featured in music video "Lindsay Fully Loaded", peoduced abd directed by Allan Murray and Sean Hains for

Filmed June 2007, "Dead Doornails", written and directed by Tom Madigan, produced by Brian Weil and Madigan Films, playing "Bubba"

Filmed May 2007, "Jimmy Kimmel Live", as live art model for segment titled "Aunt Chippy and Uncle Frank learn to draw". First aired June 28, 2007

Filmed May 2007, featured in music video "Paris In Jail", produced and directed by Allan Murray and Sean Haines for

Filmed April 2007, appearance in music video for group "Bumblebeez" for song "Doctor Love" from album "Don't Sweat It", directed by Tom Kuntz for Modular / 81 Records

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Filmed March 2007, "The Interrogation", comedic commercial for Cinevegas Film Festival, written & directed by Ross Novie for Rondovie Industries, playing "The Commodore"

A morning ritual                                                                                                                           The Beauty of Milk
Filmed December 2006, "Got Milk", 2 comedic spec commercial by Sean Zaccheo & Zaccheo Films, playing the milk guy

Filmed July 2006, "Biadon Labs", written, produced, and directed by Stephen Dunford for Summer Films, playing "Sarah"

Filmed July 2006, "I Love Having Fun With My Friends", written, produced, & directed by David Michor for Johnny Cakes Pictures, playing "Jack Bingleman"

Filmed June 2006, appearance in music video for group "Waxapples" for song "I've Been" from album "House of Wax", directed by Christian Johnston, written & produced by Michael Abbott, for Nadine Records

Filmed June 2006, appearance in music video for artist Kennedy, for titled "Hillbilly Witchcraft" from album "Special K", directed by Sarah Adina Smith, produced by Friend of a Friend Studios

Filmed June 2006, "Lift This!" (2006), written, produced, & directed by Hollis Liebman, sitcom pilot that is a sure winner... watch for me as "Jake"

Filmed in May/June 2006, "The Doomed Man" (2006), written & directed by Ben Perkins, produced by Ben Perkins and Films153, as "the doomed man"

Filmed May 2006, appearance in music video for artist "Aria",  for  song  titled "Beauty", directed by Chad Calek, produced by "True Player Entertainment", as "Hollywood Player"

Filmed April 2006, "Bigger Than You Think", spec commercial for Carl's Jr Six Dollar Burger, written & directed by Monica Abeyta, produced by AICALA Films

Episode One,  Elvin Peanutbutter Popcorn                                                                        Episode Two,  Moat Sludge Smoothies          
Filmed February 2006, pilot for children's show "The Ogre's Cookbook", created and produced by Victor Ciccarelli and PhotoChimera as "Michael, the Ogre Cook"

Filmed February 2006, "Ninja What?" (2006), written & directed by Drew Harris,  as "Fabe, an unlikely ninja"

Filmed  January 2006, "Dancing with Pain" (2006), written & directed by Sarah Krusen, produced by L.A.F.S.C Films, as "Bad Daddy"

Filmed November 2005, for "Spike TV" series "Freshbaked Video Games", debate spot on "Counterfire", a segment of the show examining new video games

Filmed August 2005, appearance in music video for group "Koufax", for  song  titled "Isabelle", from album "Hard Times are in Fashion", Directed by Travis Kopach for Doghouse Records, as "Short Order Cook"

Filmed December 2005, "Coming Home" (2006), written & directed by Garrett Comenas, produced by Alex Lebovich and New York Film Academy, as abusive husband and father

The Three Trials trailer number 1                                                                                          The Three Trials trailer number 2s          
Filmed November 2004 thru February 2005, movie "The Three Trials" (2006), Swinging Axe Productions, as "Father", "Master of Ceremonies", and  "Fertility Demon"

Filmed August 2004, "Hired" (2004), MaturaFilm Productions, Robert Royds director, Alexander Zahn & Edwin Kim co-producers, as "Simone Aclair"

Filmed February-April 2004, "Skeletons in the Closet"(2005), directed by Polecat, produced by Kebiana, presented by Meteor Multimedia, as "Police Chief Norm Reilly. Visit us  Skeletons In The Closet The and at IndiPix

Filmed January 2004, movie "18 Fingers Of Death" (2006), James Lew director, Ellen English producer, 18 Fingers Of Death Productions, as "Buttcrack guy"

Filmed in April 2002, "Naked Shadows" (2006), by Cranium Candy Entertainment and KirkFilms, as "Mort the Landlord"

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