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Latest project:  
I was chosen to be the model "being painted" in the first episode of the new FOX unscripted comedy improv show, "RIOT"

I was chosen to be the artist model subject "being painted" in the
"Into the Dark" segment of "Riot!", the new unscripted comedy improv show on FOX.
Her I am with executive producer Rich Brown rght before the scene was filmed

Sadly, this image was flagged as inappropriate nudity and removed from Facebook.
Apparently thier editors do not actually reserch. Time for their re-training or termination.
Here is one I will post to explain to them in simple words WHY it was not inappropriate.

and here is one "censored" even though there was no reason to censor.

  in memoriam:  Jeff Conaway,  born October 5, 1950   Died May 27, 2011
IMAGE taken by Michael Q. Schmidt, July 31, 2008
my camera on a  tripod with timer ©  Michael Q. Schmidt
           In late 2007, I became the "computer guru" to
actor Jeff Conaway.     What started with me  ridding
his computer of some nasty viruses,  built to a trust
and friendship over the next  few months as he had
me in to solve other computer problems or instruct
him on the use of his PC and laptop.  I was honored
when he trusted me with some of the the results of his creative  spirit,  inviting me over sometimes to
proofread one of his manuscripts and asking that I
offer my opinion on its development.     It came so I
would always look forward to those times when just
out  of  the blue he might call  me  just  to say   "Hey
Mike, how ya been?"   or  to  invite me to his  home
to watch a sports game or to just shoot the breeze.
Being accepted as his friend and buddy,  I  learned
that no matter what negative buzz the media might
print about the man and his problems,  he remained
a  truly nice guy,   and caring  of anyone  he called  a
friend.                              -   He will be long missed.

did you miss me in May 2008 ?
(this images have never been seen anywhere else)

Did you miss me in August 2007 ?

And as Slave Jim in Tad Chamberlain's "Anti Samritan Hotline"... yikes!
On set for filming of Dave's Story, the Don Coccarelli screenplay for John Dies at the End
Dave's Story greenscreen set for "Korak's Cavern"

Don Coccarelli on greenscreen stage for Korak's cavern

Michael Q. Schmidt with Rob Mayes on set at Korak's Cavern

Don Coscarelli...   and Michael Q. Schmidt as Mmmm Bacon

Don Coccarelli and 1st AD Aaron Godfred on outside location

Don Coccarelli and 1st AD Aaron Godfred on outside location

Don Coccarelli          Aaron Godfred         Chase Willaimson

Behind the scenes at filming of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special
Carol Kraft,    Michael Q. Schmidt,   Tanese Gray                     Tanese Gray  &  Michael Q. Schmidt

Happy Birthday Eric Wareheim


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