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2010, "Caravaggio: The Search", written by Maureen Murphy and Michael Carlo Marizi, and directed by Maureen Murphy for M & Associates, playing "Rembrandt's Diana at Bath"
2010, "Camp Virginovich", written by Adam Campos & directed by Russ Stuart.  Produced by CURV Entertainment Group, playing "Obese Russian" on plane

2010, "Welcome Back Satan", written and directed by Sara Lohman,  Produced by Darius Films, playing "Naked Ben Franklin"

2010, "Hamlet A.D.D.", written, directed, and produced by Bobby Ciraldo & Andrew Swant for Special Entertainment, playing "Officer Norton"

2010, "Anti-Samartine Hotline", written and directed by A. Tad Chamberlain for  Darque Day Productions, playing "Slave Jim"

2010, "Forfiet of Grace", written & directed by Kane Senes for Kane Senes Production, playing "Bill"

2010, "Screening Room", written and directed by Tony Young for Cinema Epoch, playing "Grandpa Johnny"

2010, "Snatched", writen & directed by Kirk Bowman for Cranium Candy Entertainment, playing "Cyrus"

2009, "Mr Sadman", written & directed by Patrick Epino, produced by Cindy Fang & Rain Breaw for Empire & Sleep Pictures, playing the "Whipping Boy"

2009, "Pretty Twisted", writen and directed by Jennifer Barlow for Happy-Go-Luckey Productions, playing "Chug Skivins"

2009, "Amexica", written & directed by Ron Krause for Aron Productions, playing "Dad in diner"

2009, "It Came by Moonlight", written and directed by Tom Madigan for Madigan Films, playing "The Star Gazer"

2009, "Mr. & Mrs. Pratt", written by Austin Zumbro and directed by Cameron Clark for CC Productions, playing "Swedish Scientist"

2009, "Cost of Living", written by Larry La Fond & Terry Ray and directed by Larry LaFond, playing "Mister Wiggly"

2009, "Fever Night", written and directed by Jordan Harris & Andrew Schrader for Bad People Motion Pictures, playing "Ned"

2009, "PG Porn: A Very Peanus Christmas",  written & directed by James Gunn for Safran Digital Group, playing "Mrs. Brown"

2008, "The Farewell Gift", writen & directed by Arani Sen for Diffused Sunlight Productions, playing "Bill English"

2008, "Yes Man", directed by Peyton Reed for Warner Bros. Pictures, playing "nudist conventioneer"

2008, "Delaney", written & directed by Carles Torrens, produced by Peter Paul Bassler, for Imega 3,  playing "Ed Barney"

2008,  "r3tual", written & directed by Ben Staley for Eleventhreehundred  Productions, as "The Demon"

2008, "Gurney Journey", written & directed by Victor Ciccarelli for Photochimera and Quixana Productions, playing "Ogre Dad"

2008, "P.O.V.", written and directed by Clifford Fields for Michigan Trumball Films, playing "The Priest" & "Rude Cellphone Guy"

2008, "The Clean Up Crew", writen by Tim Dragga & Scott Rickels, produced by Tim Kolesk and USC films, playing "Impaled Victim"

2008, "Your Name Here", written & directed by Matthew Wilder for MED ENtertainment, playing "Naked Drunk Biker"

2008, "Stiff Napoleon", written and directed by Lila McLaughlin, playing "Ron Slingsby"

2008, "Safety First: The Rise of Women", written & directed by Greg MacDonald, for Lunch Money Movies, playing "The Naked Runner"

2008, "Exit 6011 Miles", written & directed by Jee Won Jang for Chapman Filmd, playing "The Realator"

2008, "Bill", written & directed by John Salcido for B-Side Pictures, playing "Paul's Dad"

2008, "Amhurst", writen by Lisa Costanzo & directed by Rocky Costanzo, Produced by Chris Wolcott & LifeLine Entertainment, playing "The Soda Pop Drunk"

2008, "Accidents Happen", written by Martin Lancaster, directed by Sean Zaccheo, produced by Zaccheo Films, playing "Mister Bell"

2008, "Blind Ambition", written by Alpesh Patel & directed by Bala Rajasekharuni for 160-H Productions, playing "Junkyard Mechanic"

2008, "Adam & Evelyn", written and directed by Tom Metz III, produced by Tom Metz lll & Darnell Smith, for Toclarity Entertainment, playing "Handsome Mike"

2008, "Expendable", written by David Nalki & Todd Croak-Falen, directed by David Malki for Deathmonkey Pictures, playing "Leo the Outfitter"

2008, "Yesterday was a lie", written & directed by James Kerwin, produced by Chase Masterson and the Helicon Arts Cooperative, playing "Gallery Art Critic"

2008, "The Assassin Project", written & directed by Hal Jordon for Schadenfreude Industries, playing ''corpse"

2007, "Candy Shop", written and directed by Matthew Ladensack, produced by Sack Films, playing "Bob"

2007, "Toxicity", written & directed by Wendell Small, Produced by Toxicity Films, playing "Sloth"

2007, "Hounds", written & directed by Nicolas Heet, produced by Heet Films, playing "Conway Greenwheel"

2007, "Skid Marks", directed by Karl Kozak, Produced by John Weinstein and Diversa Films, playing "The Very Indignant Jogger"

2007, "Upstairs", written & directed by Clark Baker, produced by Mike Attanucci, playing "Odd Neighbor"

 2007, "Comedy Traffic School", written by Jeff Hodges and Khari Wyatt, produced by Jeff Hodges and Yeah Mon Entertainment, playing Van Goon & Oddball Student

2007, "Twinkie", written and directed by, produced by Inner Citty Films, playing "Detention Teacher"

2007, "Fear Ever After", written & directed by Gary Carbo for Moving Pictures, playing "Billy Bob Barfield"

2007, "A Great Catch", written & directed by , produced by Inner City Films, playing "Angry Father"

2007, "#1 Dad", written & directed by Josh Pancer, produced by Item Productions, playing "Rich Skullary"

2007, "Cold Blood Canyon", written by Alec Tuckman & Eric Bram, directed by Alec Tuckman for Film Wariers Entertainment, playing "Hippie Psychic"

J2007, "Sanctity", written & directed by Courtney Wilson, produced by C. Wilson Films, playing "Big Carl"

 2007, "Then You Die", directed by Andrew Fischer, written with Kyle Gilbertson, & Nick Lazurus, produced by Biola Films, playing "Mr. Paxton"

2007, "Dead Doornails", written and directed by Tom Madigan, produced by Brian Weil and Madigan Films, playing "Bubba"

2007, "The Stockholm Syndrome", written &directed by Ann Luong, produced by UCI Films, playing "Ethan"

2007, "East of Fairfax", written & directed by Cess Silvera, produced by Dale Stelly & Lucky Bastard Films, playing the "Fetish Guy"

2007, "Young Davy Crockett", written & directed by William T. Naud, for DC Productions & KB Productions, playing ""Barrister Jacob Simms"

2007, "Rebel Studz: The Uncensored Documentary", written & directed by G. R. Claveria and D. S. Flores for Leavin Guilty Productions, playing "Texas George Gant"

2007, "Case Race", written & directed by Ben Alexander, for LAFS Productions, playing "Timmy the turtle Williams"

2007, "Dysmorphic Project", written & directed by Tommy Dinh, produced by CSUF Films, playing The Watcher

2007, "Sniper Patrol 420", written by James EVans and Joey Sylvester, directed by James Evans for TriRock Films, playing "Narrator"

2007, "Last Exit", written & directed by Nicola Marsh, produced by Sho Thyme, MJ Johnson, & USC Films, playing "The Shuttle Driver"

2007, "Hail Reality", written& directed by Zach Pierson, playing Gargoth

2007, "The Sandwhich Lover", written & directed by Daniel Clebanoff, produced by AICALA Films, playing Slobby Roommate

2007, "Misdemeanor Revenge", written & directed by Jennifer Cho, produced by USC Films, playing Fred Johnson

2007, "Piggies", writen & directed by Christopher Smith for Second Feature Productions, playing "Barney Stubbs, Eldon Stubbs, & Jonas Stubbs"

2007, "Redemption", written & directed by Sharise Holt for Los Angeles Film Studies Center, playing "The Priest"

2007, "Because I Said So", directed by Michael Lehmann for Universal Pictures, playing "Wedding Guest"

2006, "Margaret's Son", written & directed by Estaban Arguello for Cal Arts Films, playing "First Zombie"

2006, "KwameWorld", written by Ian Edwards & Kwame Koomson, and directed by Dave Arnold, for IRE Productions, playing "Frank The Ticket"

2006, "The Fancy Pony Project", written, & directed by Tanya Brown, Produced by Jennifer Ewart, playing "Sam"

2006, "Souvenir", written by Natasa Prosenc & Wallace Zand and directed by Natasa Prosenc for Kanalya Pictures, playing "Light-fingers homeless Nick"

2006, "The Singer", written & directed by Stanley Von Medvey, produced by Chapman Films, playing "The Deli Man"

2006, "A Study in the Orientation of Han Sum", written and directed by G. R. Claveria for Leavinguilty Productions, playing "Sumo Samurai"

2006, "The Big P", written and directed by Ray Luckey, produced by Ashley Chau and Happy-Go-Luckey Productions Inc., playing "The Old Woman"

2006, "S.C.R.E.W.D.", written by Greg Forshay & Joe Wright and directed by Benjamin Nurick for Wright Forshay Productions, playing "Hank the nudist"

2006, "Zombie Counterstrike", written by Erik Herrera, directed by Steve Warner, produced by Counterstrike, playing "Big Zombie"

2006, "Biadon Labs", written, produced, and directed by Stephen Dunford for Summer Films, playing "Sarah"

2006, "I Love Having Fun With My Friends", written, produced, & directed by David Michor for Johnny Cakes Pictures, playing "Jack Bingleman"

2006, "Naked Shadows", written & directed by Kirk Bowman for Cranium Candy Entertainment, playing "Mort the Landlord"

2006, "Lift This!", written, produced, & directed by Hollis Liebman, pilot for FX Channel, playing "Jake"

2006, "Huge Naked Guy", written by Michael Q. Schmidt & James Evans, directed by James Evans for TriRock Films, playing "Huge Naked Guy"

2006, "Rookies", written, produced, & directed by Jason Coleman, pilot for FX Channel, playing "Milton"

2006. "18 Fingers of Death!", writen and directed by James Lew for Screen Media Ventures, playing "Buttcrack Guy"

2006, "The Game", written by Collin Insley, produced by Brooks Films, playing "Zack Bosnick"

2006, "The Three Trials", written & directed by Randy Greif, for Swinging Axe Productions, playing "Father Superior", "The MC", and "Horned Demon"

2006, "Welcome to USC", a very dark spoof written, produced and directed by Cesare Wright, playing "USC"

2006, "Angels in the Dark", written and directed by Karl Borges, playing "Louie"

2006, "Half Life", written & directed by Jeremy Breslau for Searchlight Films & 20th Century Fox, playing "Bloated corpse"

2006, "Captain Desidero", written & directed by Dave Gibbs, produced by Chris Walters, playing "Comic Book Store Guy"

2006, "We Loved Each Other", written, produced, & directed by Rory Walsh, Zoom Pictures, playing "Bill"

2006, "Corporate ThugZ", written & directed by Carl D. McDowell, produced by In Motion Filmz, playing "Tom"

2006, "Axegrinder" (aka "Kill") directed by David Palmieri, exec producer David Sterling, producer Brandy W. Johnston, playing "Jester"

2006, "Dancing with Pain" (2006), writen & directed by Sarah Krusen, an L.A.F.S.C Film, playing "Bad Daddy"

2006, "Shadow Man" (2006), written by Scott Fauber, directed by Nathan Kitada, produced by AFI Films, playing "The Trekkie"

2005, "Skeletons in the Closet", written & directed by Polecat, produced by Kebiana and Meteor Multimedia, playing "Police Chief Norm Reilly"

2005, "Coming Home" (2006), written & directed by Garrett Comenas, produced by Alex Lebovich & NYFA, playing "Abusive father"

2005, "A Happy Ending", written & directed by James Evans, produced by TriRock Films and R & J Films,  playing "Huge Naked Guy"

2005, "Ninja What?" (2006), written & directed by Drew Harris, playing "Fabe"

2005, "Tears of a Clown", written & directed by Tony Spires for Bandwagon Filmworks & Full Circle Entertainment, playing "Fat Tony"

2005, "Temporary", written & directed by Robert ToTeras, produced by Film-Noise Media, playing "Manny Bluside"

2005, "The Confession" (2006), directed by Kataneh Hamidi, written & produced by Jim Carty, playing "Father O'Reily"

2004, "The Green Book", written & directed by Andrew Olaya for Six14 Productions,  playing "Exocist Priest" and "Summoned Damned"

2004, "Flesh Pit", written & directed by Laume Conroy for Dark Dimensions Entertainment and Vista Street Entertainment, playing "Blake Waters"

2004, "Five Days" (2005), for 1AceRex1 Productions, written & directed by Jeremy Dayton, playing "Bubba"

2004, "Streakers", written & directed by Joshua Rous for USC Films, playing "Streaker"

2004, "Tooth Radio", written & directed by Grady Sain for Gradytrain Productions, playing "The Patient"

2004, "Clean", directed by Nyle Cavazos Garcia, written & produced by Nyle Cavazos Garcia & Jane Gaffney for Nightfire Films, playing "Lucky"

2004, "Hired" (2004), MaturaFilm Productions, directed by Robert Royds, co-produced by Alexander Zahn & Edwin Kim, playing "Simone Aclair"

 2002, "Santa Clause Versus the Christmas Vixens", directed by Kirk Bowman, written by Kirk Bowman & Michael Q. Schmidt for Cranium Candy Entertainment, playing "Santa Claus"

2002, "The Decay of Fiction", written & directed by Pat O'Neil for Lookout Mountain Films, playing "Naked ghost"

2001, "Shmucks", written & directed by Jeff Korm for Greenkorn Productions, playing "Narrator"

2001, "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone", for Sony Pictures Imageworks Studios, as CGI model for Mountain Troll character