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Pending 2011, "Braxton Family Values", episode where the Braxton sisters draw the human form, as "nude model"
December 2010, "Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special", as "Winter Man"
August 2008, "Pact with the Devil", written by Todd Lucy, produced bt GRB Entertainment for Investigation Discovery, playing "Recreation Actor"
December 2008, "PG Porn", episode "A Very Penus Christmas", written and directed by James Gunn, playing "Mrs. Brown"
July 2008, "Poorman's Bikini Beach", episode "Bikini Beach Home Run Derby", writen by Heath Knight, directed by Paul Harb, playing "Big Fat Jessica"
June  2008, "Sunset Tan", produced by Intuitive Entertainment for E! Entertainment TV, playing himself as "Nudist tanner"
July  2007, "Carman's Reality Check", episode produced by Yake Films for the Trinity Broadcast Network, to air Thanksgiving Day 2007, featured as "Man on the Bench" in segment titled "the Miracle Show"

May. 2007, "Jimmy Kimmel Live", segment titled "Aunt Chippy and Uncle Frank learn to draw", himself as nude artmodel

Mar. 2007, "Reno 911!",  directed by Ben Garant (Junior), 2 episodes as a featured extra to be aired in season 5 (more info to follow)

Dec. 2006, "Time and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job", written & directed by Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim, Produced by Absolutely Productions & Williams Street, playing "Raise My Roof" dancer

Nov.  2006, for "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency", featured in Christmas special as naked guy in Christmas video

Aug. 2006,  "Attack of the Show", produced by Joshua Brentano, as competitor and winner (grin) of the August 31 live episode "XXL Games", for "G4Media"

Nov. 2005,  "Freshbaked Video Games", featured on "Counterfire" as "Star Trek geek" for r "Spike TV"

Feb. 2006, "The Ogre's Cookbook", pilot for children's show, created and produced by CQAdvantage, playing "Michael, the Ogre Cook"

Sep. 2005, featured in multiple episodes of "Distraction" (2006) for Comedy Central, as Nudist distractor

Sep. 2005, 2 episodes for "The Learning Channel" series "Untold Stories Of The E.R.", as wheelchair patient & as shocked visitor

Apr. 2005, for "Court TV" series "North Mission Road", episode entitled "Hells Angels Mystery", playing "Larry Lajeunesse"

Feb. 2005, for "Showtime Television" series "Penn & Teller's Bullshit" (season 3), as victim in documetary on hair and body waxing entitled "Hair"

Sep. 2004,  featured in multiple episodes of "Distraction" (2005) for Comedy Central, as Nudist distractor

Aug. 2004 for "Cartoon Network" series "Tom goes to the Mayor", by Tim and Eric LLC., character of "Joy Peters"

Aug. 2004, for "HBO Pictures" series "Shock Video: Naughty by Nation", World Of Wonder Entertainment, playing "Nude Frenchman"

Jul.  2004, for "The Dan Show" on KVVU FOX5 Las Vegas, as bachelorette party stripper

Nov. 2003 & Jan. 2004, appearances on "Let's Paint TV", as model for artist John Kilduff

Oct. 2003, for "The Learning Channel" series "Mysterious Worlds", episode entitled "Salida Massacre" playing cult leader "Gerald Cruz" in re-enactment of 1990 Stanislaus County mass murders

Aug.2003, for "National Lampoon Television" series"Master Debaters", as "Rowdy audience member"