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Music Videos
Aug 2017, "Funeral Pyre" by artist Phantogram, directed by Gianluca Minucci, produced by Liana Rae Perez, for Mad Dogs Film, as "Whipped Slave Boy" WATCH
Feb 2017, "Where Do I Stand" by artist Ferbus, directed & produced by Roger Carnow and Cole Huey for "Good Boy Productions", as "Naked guy"  WATCH
Jun 2016, "Yanhan" by artist Return, directed by Nimi Lkhagva and produced by Zul Lkhagvasuren, for Agshuun Records, as "Fat Client, Gluttony"     WATCH
Mar 2016, "Picking Up Strange" by artist Body-san, written and directed by Michael Green, produced by Michael Jordon for Modern Hug, as "Bachus and as Cupid"     WATCH
Mar 2016, "The Beast"  by artist Matt Darey (as Matt Nouveau), directed by Yagiz Acar, produced by Christian Jurgensen for Future Generation Pictures, as "Fat Man enjoying Hell"   WATCH
Jan 2016, "Baby Blue" by artist Mount Moriah, directed by Jordan Michael Blake, produced by Gregory Willis Barnes and  Jake Miller for The American Standard Film Co., as "Naked Man with Game"   WATCH
Sep 2015, "Norma and Jean" by artist SadGirl, directed by David Gantz & Theo Cohn, produced by Ryland Burns for Bellpepper Pictures, as "Longhaired Cult Member"   WATCH
Sep 2015, "F*ck Me" by artist Wendy Ho, directed by Stas Tagios, produced by Brett Pausina for Wendy Ho Productions, as "Sexy Pool Manr"    WATCH
Mar. 2015, "Burn" by group Charming Liars,  directed by Eric Ulbrich and Kylie Ulbrich, as the "Bikini Man"   WATCH
Feb. 2015,   "According To", by artist Brenna Rhea, music video single directed by Brenna Rhea and filmed by Miko Dannels, as "The Man in the Bikini"   WATCH
Nov.25, 2014,   "Drunk Americans", by artist Toby Keith, from single song, produced by Stanley Morse & Mark Kalbfeld, and dircted by  Michael Salomon for Frames Per Second Productions (shot October 14, 2014)   WATCH
Nov. 2014,   "I Feel Everything", by artist Waters, from album "It All Might Be Okay", directed by Brendan Vaughan for SNOWBEACH, as "Man in Underwear"    WATCH
Sep. 2014,  "Love Who Loves You Back", by artist Tokio Hotel,  from the album "Kngs of Suburbia", directed by Marc Klasfeld for Interscope Records, as "The Lone Lover"   WATCH
July 2014,  "Work The Middle", by artist Lil' Debbie,  from the album "California Sweetheart Pt 2", directed by Joe Dietsch & Louie Gibson for Select Collective, as "Boris in the bathtub"   WATCH
Feb. 2014,  "Self Made" by artist Azad Right, directyed by Joe Weil, produced by Dwight King and San Canter for Psycho Films, As "Mob Boss"  WATCH
Feb. 2014, "Dominator" by artist  Mister Goodnite,  written by Tyler Parkford, directed by  Brian Morrow,  produced by Shark Pig, playing "Man into Demon"  WATCH
Dec. 2014, "Coaching Basketball,  A Kurtis Blow Music Video Parody", by BBallBreakdown, from the single, produced & directed by Coach Nick, as "Man Eating Big Hotdog"  WATCH
Jan.2014,  "Gravity" by artist Anders Trentemøller, from alnbum "Lost", directed byTue Walin Storm & Elvira Lind, produced by Jeremy Chilvers for The Kompany Entertainment, as "Obnoxious Eating Man" WATCH
Jun. 2013, "Workin' On My Tan B!tch" by artist Grandma Kiselstein and Blind Scuba Divers, directed by Bryan Schlam, produced by Ian Blair for Doomsday Productions  WATCH
Jun. 2013,  "Parody of Austin Mahone's "What About Love" by artist Bart Baker , directed by Bart Baker, produced by George T. Kimmel  for Maker Studios, as "old Chris Kirkpatrick of N-Sync"    WATCH
May 2013,  "They Told Me" by artist Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, from the album "Untamed Beast", directed by Ben Fee, produced by Meagan Judhins  for Partisan Records as "Male Couter-point"    WATCH
May 2013, "America" by group  Motionless in White, directed by  M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan,  produced by Feerless Records, playing "Gluttoneous eater"  WATCH
Feb. 2013, "Harem Shake (Jiggly Version)" by artist  Timothy DeLaGhetto  (Traphik), directed by  George T. Kimmel  for Maker Studios, as "Dancer in undies"   WATCH
Oct. 2012, "Bombok" by artist  Slugabed, directed by Steven Smith,  produced by Globodigital Home Video & The Great Nordic Sword Fights for Noisey Music,  playing "Bombok, the Demigod of indulgence"  WATCH
Jun. 2012, "King for a Day" by group Pierce the Veil, directed by Drew Russ,  produced by Robby Starbuck  for RSM Creative and Feerless Records, playing "Evil Banker Hubert Smalls"  WATCH
Apr. 2011, "Gorgeous Nightmare" by group Escape The Fate, directed by Robby Starbuck, produced by Stefan Anderson,  for RSM Creative and Interscope Records, playing "Gluttony"  WATCH
Apr. 2011, "Legalize Nudity" by artist Tohm Sara Lev, directed by Lucas Heyne, produced by Jesse Curl,  for Mackingwell Entertainment, playing "militant nudist"  WATCH
Dec. 2010, "Touchin On My", by artist  3Oh!3,  produced by Matt Squire, for Photo Finish Records/Atlantic, playing "Naked BBQ Guy" WATCH
Nov. 2010, "Sleepless in Silverlake" by Les Savy Fav, produced by  Siobhan Price, directed by Tom Bingham for Adult Swim, playing "Oliver Hardy"  WATCH
Aug. 2010, "Groove Me", by artist Maximum Balloon, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, for DGC Records, playing "Angel"   WATCH
Feb. 2010, "Born Free", by artist M.I.A., directed by Romain Gavras, for Parodoxal Records, playing "Interupted Lover"    WATCH

Feb. 2010, "Momentos", by artist Noel Schajris, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Carles Torens, for Sony Music Mexico, playing "Circus  Strongman"   WATCH

Oct. 2009, "Christmas Cash", by artist Fred Figglehorn, written by Lucas Cruikshank, directed by Sean Haines for Salient Media, playing "Santa Claus"   WATCH

Jul. 2009, "American Ride" by artist Toby Keith, directed by Michael Saloman, for Show Dog Records, playing "Slob Husbamd, Al Gore, & Billionaire"   WATCH

Jul. 2009, "Upside Down", by artrist Banjo Or Freakout, directed by Blake Salzman,  for BOF, playing "Blue Man"  WATCH

Apr. 2009, "When I See You" by The Moog, directed by Anthony Garth,  from the album: "Razzmatazz Orfeum" from  MuSick Records, playing whute trash"   WATCH

Oct. 2007, "What Do You Want From Me", by artist Cascada featured in music video for group "Cascada" for song "", directed by Max Nichols & produced by Clark Jackson, playing "Jogger in speedo"    WATCH

Aug. 2007, "Lindsay Fully Loaded", produced and directed by Allan Murray and Sean Haines for, playing "Inmate Stripper"   WATCH

Jun. 2007, "Plaster Casts of Everything", for group Liars, from album "Liars: Plaster Casts of Everything", produced and directed by Patrick Daughters for The Directors Bureau, playing "Naked Runner"    WATCH

Jun. 2007, "Naked Pool Party", for artist Skinnen Bones MC (Christian Zonts), directed by Nick Panagapolus, playing "Outraged Homeowner"     WATCH

May 2007, "Paris In Jail: The Music Video", produced and directed by Allan Murray and Sean Haines for, playing "Inmate Mitch"  WATCH

May 2007, "Potty Mouth Girl", for artist Mark Tuura for film "The Descendent", directed by Corrine Irizarry for Journey Westward Productions. director of photography: Josh Roseberry, playing "Naughty Priest"

Apr. 2007, "Doctor Love", for group Bumblebeez for album "Don't Sweat It", directed by Tom Kuntz for MJZ Productions, playing "Road Dawg"   WATCH

Jun. 2006, "Hillbilly Witchcraft", for artist Kennedy, for album "Special K", directed by Sarah Adina Smith, for Friend of a Friend Studios, playing "Hillbilly Pappy"   WATCH

Jun. 2006, "Elevator Mash Up", for group Waxapples, from album "House of Wax", directed by Christian Johnston, written & produced by Michael Abbott, for Nadine Records, playing "Speedo Guy"  WATCH

May 2006, "Florida Sunshine", for group As Fast As, from album Open Letter To The Damned, directed by Kurt St. Thomas, for Octone Records, playing "White Trash"   WATCH

May 2006, "Beauty", for artist  Aria Johnson, directed by Chad Calek, produced by True Player Entertainment, as "Slick Player"  WATCH

Aug.2005, "Isabelle", for group Koufax, from Hard Times Are In Fashion, directed by Travis Kopach for Doghouse Records, playing "Sad Cook"  WATCH

Mar. 2005, "Dictaphone's Lament". for group Tycho, from album Sunrise Projector, directed by Will Joines for Tycho Music, playing "Man in Ocean"   WATCH

Dec. 2003, "Scramble", for artist Nicotine, from album The Nature of Addiction, produced by Nikita Kleverov & Plainview Pictures, Playing "God"