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Vision21 Art & Design  Portfolio School
At one time I modeled for Vision21, but  in good
conscience I can no longer  reccommend them.
At one time, Vision21 was in competition with the Monecito School of Fine Arts in Arcadia... and with that competition, they pushed their students to excell in everything.    But with the closing of the Montecito Schol, it would seem that Vision 21 no longer has the pressure to serve their student's best interests.  It would appear that as of the end of last year, their focus has moved from having the students actually learn when preparing their portfolios., to simply assuring that their facilities keeps seats filled with warm bodies... and this so that tuition money keeps coming in.

 From what I have observed, if a student wishes to do nothing more than doodle and listen to their iPods... or talk on their cell phones and text their friends, then that's exactly what the student is allowed to do.   If the students find a model "too difficult to draw", all they need do is complain to their parents who will in turn complain to V21 about how their "poor" child is finding it difficult to
work, and management will make sure that model will no longer be used.  The students can sink
to whatever lowest common denominator they wish.   Essentially, the teachers no longer have
to teach... all they need do is only baby-sit and keep the students from complaining about any
actual work while management simply collects the parent's money.  V21 used to have students whose portfolios would gain them placement nearly anywhere.  That has changed.  It seems that tuition is the only criteria.

HOWEVER, there IS hope, and there ARE places that still put the student BEFORE the dollar.

If a student really wishes to learn, then they can attend ArtCenter's Saturday High program.  
And if they really wish to create a winning portfolio, they can attend such credible facilities
such as the FT Art Center in Los Angeles.  

One of the newest and best open workshop where any artist's skills can be honed,
is the phenomenal CATALYST workshop offered by ART SUPPLY WAREHOUSE.