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Catalyst & Art Supply Warehouse
Nude Life Drawing Sessions Every Wednesday
Wednesday Nights 7:00pm to 10pm

In their weekly 3 hour life drawing sessions, the models provide artists with a variety of short and long poses, natural and dynamic, accentuating the human form for their study. These sessions are uninstructed and relatively free form. All mediums are welcome, although of course the quicker applied mediums tend to be the most easily adapted.
Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Easels / benches and refreshments are provided, however, artists need to bring their own materials.

As with any nude life drawing  session, Catalyst requests courtesy to the models and other artists. Maturity and respect are key. Photography is not allowed.  Catalyst promotes an open atmosphere where artists can view, discuss, encourage and possibly even critique the work being done.
 Join and enjoy.

Registration is $15 per person. This helps cover the model and refreshments.

Nude/Costumed/Draped Long Pose Life Drawing Sessions Every Sunday
Sundays 4:00pm to 7pm

Come Sunday evenings for long pose life drawing sessions.

Models will be nude, costumed or draped.

Easels and benches are set up for arist's use, but they supply their own medium materials.

Artists of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to attend costumed sessions, however, in the interest of maturity and respect for the model and other artists, it is requested that if present, young children are not left unattended.

Registration is $15 per person. This helps cover the model and refreshments.

drawing by master artist Ying Liu   -   May 18, 2011

Please visit Ying Liu  Fine Art  at  http://yingliufineart.com


Art Suply Warehouse
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Mon - Fri 9:30 - 8:00   Sat & Sun 10:00 - 6:00