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resume  & personal philosophy
This list includes many of the places where Michael has modeled: Vision21 Arts, Cabaret Voltaire, Scripps College, Pomona College, Chapman University, Biola University, Montecito Arts, Malibu High School, Harvard-Westlake School, The Pasadena Center for Fine Arts, Cranium Candy Productions, Lookout Mountain Films, Digital Chimera, Nicklelodeon Studios, The Hellada Gallery, The Orange County Art Studio, 3d Bob Productions, DreamWorks Studios, Disney Feature Animation Studios, Sony Image Works Studios, The American Animation Institute, UCI, UCLA, Santa Ana College, Rancho Santiago College, Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach City College, Cal State Long Beach, Fullerton Community College, Orange Coast College, Golden West College, Coastline Community College, Chapman University, Cypress College, Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, the Anaheim Museum Artist's Workshop, Whittier's Philadelphia Street Art Workshop, The Huntington Beach Art Center, the Los Alamitos Community Center Portrait Workshop, S.A.R.C.(student art resource center) of Costa Mesa, and many wonderful and talented individuals.  

Michael shares his philosophy...                                                                                        .

"I'm 5' 11", with brown eyes and long, shaggy brown hair.  At 280+ lbs, my heavy frame and ample supply of gestures and poses have made me a model that all appreciate.  I pride myself on presenting challenges to student and experienced artist alike."

"I have nearly 10 years experience working for studios, colleges, artists and workshops throughout Southern  California.  I pose either costumed or undraped for drawing,  painting, sculpture, video and photography artists, students, and workshops."

"Alone, I work exceedingly well... but I'm great with additional models of either gender.  I'm at home in classroom, workshop, studio, or natural settings.  How and where I am used is entirely up to the particular artist, instructor, student, or art group.  Inside or outside... one artist or dozens...  I excel."

"I make the most of my contribution to ANY artist or group by doing whatever is asked of me.  Avant Garde? Outré?  Unusual?  Strange?  Naughty?  Not a problem.  I feel it is my duty to do what I can to inspire an artist's muse, and to do anything the artist may ask.  I am an uninhibited male who can give his clients whatever they may ask of him as a model... thus, an artist's request is my command."

"Available in southern California...  Write and lets get to work."

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