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65 Art Links & Resources (so far)...
In our travels across the web, we've found many art sites
and pages which simply MUST be shared. Click on the
links below and explore new and wondrous worlds
which will add to your appreciation of art and all
who contribute... from both sides of the canvas...

but remember...
    ...turnabout IS fair play.

By the way, you may wish to mark this page of
links as a favorite so you can come back often.

Here, by a special request, is a link that will lead artists to a source
of ready-made canvases: http://www.readymadecanvas.com/

In Los Angeles, artist and performer John Kilduff shares with
a television audience, his terrific cable show "Let's Paint TV".
Learn how much fun painting can be at  http://www.JohnKilduff.com

A site is dedicated to the fine art of the figure and the artists who create it. This site
contains no pornography. The work exhibited on this site has been currated to the
highest standards. Check out http://www.absolutenudes.com/

One of San Francisco's finest: Eleanor England - Model
Extraordinaire.  http://artmodel.eleonorengland.com/home.html

The Figure Drawing Factory (featured in Michael's pages)
is a Yahoo Group that promotes fellowship and art.
Visit  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/figure_drawing_factory/

Mitch S. (Pogo101) delights us with his
website...  http://www.LAlifemodel.com

Artist Jhoneil Centeno invites you to see his works. It
will be a worthwhile visit. http://www.jhoneil.com/

A site dedicated to the arts in its many forms. This
 site will serve those that produce art and those that enjoy
and collect. http://www.gtarts.com/

Welcome to Dawn's home page. Feel free to look around and enjoy
 her artwork. Some of what you see may be available for sale and
she does accept commissions.  http://www.dawnmckelvy.com/dawnsart.htm

Specializing in landscapes and still lifes, Southernmuse shares art
with a delightful southern flavor http://www.southernmuse.com/

The University of Evansville presents a wonderful on-line
Figure Drawing Lab http://www2.evansville.edu/drawinglab/

Trouble affording a live model? Perhaps you may wish to take
advantage of the resource provided by DrawModel Virtual Life
in physical types at  http://www.drawmodel.com/

Even in Minnesota, an artist/model can create a site worth sharing
with the world. Please visit and enjoy. http://www.pennstudio.com/

ARC, the Art Renewal Center, is a work in progress that will soon
have thousands of high quality images of the greatest painters and
sculptors in human history as well as an encyclopedic collection of
essays, biographies and articles. http://www.artrenewal.org/

England hosts the Register of Artist's Models (RAM), sharing
insights as to how artists and models work together. It's a nice
 resource with international links... even for those not British.

Out of Australia, the TAP Gallery has much to share.

Art, music, design, and much more. A bit commercial,
 but well worth visiting. http://www.spacepoet.com/

A new place for artists and art lovers to meet
and discuss their points of views and ideas.

This site is a treasure that simply must be visited. Enjoy!

Aaron Blankenship shares his artwork with us all...

Here's an interesting and fun site if you enjoy Anime' art...

Charcoal and pencil drawings by the acclaimed J.D. Hillberry

Amazing Life Drawing lessons from the Foundation of Figurative Art

"Room With a View"... the home site of Toshiaki

"Lifedrawing Friends- Artists and Models" forum on Delphi

"Figure Drawing Group" forum on Delphi

"Draw/Sketch" forum on About.Com

A delightful design page from Raven Publishing

Tony Helfrich Studios - Beautiful art from photographs

Bobbie Cole's delightful collection of Gymnastics Drawings

The wonderful art of Vivian Haddings Illustrations

Nikki Jaquin-Goff... beautiful portraits of family and other
studies... http://www.NikkisPortraits.com/

Tom Byrd's (warmenuf) msn web community for artists and models
to network. http://communities.msn.com/AModelHisArtists/

The amazing site of the Metamorphosis Art Studio...
Beautiful! https://www.metamorphosisartanddesign.com

Tony Helfrich Studios - Beautiful art from photographs

Mike Sibley Fine Arts... from England with
quality: http://www.SibleyFineArt.com

Pictures in graphite and colored pencil... by Sam Rusztyn

The home site of Silver Cat Design Studios... with some of the
most beautiful and striking examples of Pagan Artwork ever!

Visit the Bay Area Models' Guild home page

The official home site of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
Amaze yourself. http://www.borisjulie.com/

New to the web... Yahoo Groups now has many
 drawing forums to exchange ideas... There's
and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Figure/,
and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FIGURE_DRAWING/,
and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/figure_drawing_1/,
and many more of course.

Char's Web Publishing Tutorials - Learn just what it takes to make
a great site. http://forums.delphiforums.com/charhtml/start/

"Naked to the World" by Pegi Tayler... her story of over 20 years of modeling

ART BY CINDY... her own domain and her own site
and wonderful to view. http://www.bycindyc.com/

From art supplies to contacts with other artists and
their work... All here: http://www.wetcanvas.com/

Welcome to Cheap Joes Art Supplies. Order by net
for rapid delivery. http://www.cheapjoes.com/

Aimee's Studio: Original Artwork, Animation and
Tutorials at http://aimeemajor.com/

I will try to keep these links updated, so come
back and browse anytime... and tell your friends.
Every few weeks there will be more here to share.


Third Annual Awards Banquet - Southern California Guild of Fine Arts Models

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