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Artist Luke Sims
...of New York City,

Originally from Sanford, Florida, Luke spent most of his years growing up in Manhattan. From a very young age, he has sought to hone his drawing skills to create funny cartoon characters. He initially studied as an illustration major at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. That is where he was introduced to the incredible world of figure drawing. In his sophomore year, Luke made a decision based on his love for video games and pursued the study of interactive media. He expected such career prospects might offer the fun of cartooning and animation with the challenge of providing an interactive experience for participants. He earned his BA in Computer Graphics and now seeks to build an engaging online world featuring his own original characters and stories.

"Scouting Mike"                                      "Sleeping Mike"

"From Behind"                      "and With Robe"

"Mike with Sceptre"            "Mike Side View"    .

.                   "Double X"                                  "Kneeling  sneer"

The figure studies shown will serve as character design
reference for a few of his favorite original creations! .

"Lounging Mike"

Contact Luke at LMSIMS1@aol.com

I share images on my web site to show my ability and versatility
as a model. But they are here for artists to use as well. If one of
 the photographs of any particular pose fires your muse, feel free
to use the image. I only ask that you share the results with us.