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Gallery of my favo
 Gallery of my favo
Enjoy the works of some artists where Michael was the model.
Click on the works or on their names to visit the pages dedicated
to them, and see their artwork at its best...

                                                                                                 "Discharge of oil prohibited" by Scott Glazier  02-24-06

"Hello" by Katherine Siy       Imprinted September 2005 for collage art piece created by Donna Marie Kent.
                                                Visit  http://www.bodyimprints.com/ to learn more about this process.

"The Demon Laughs",  by  Brine                                          "Michael in Blue",  by Crystal

"Michael on Blue", by Photographer Ellis Martin                              "Rest in Pieces", by Photographer Evan Parsons

  "Special Oranges",  by Artist Stephen Gill                        "Boulder",  by Photographer Heidi Calvert              o

"The Predator", by Artist Carrie Harris                            "B&W Study", by Artist Paul Lee (Poly)  
P                                                                                                              NO LINKS FOR THIS ARTIST

" ...and the Beast", by Digital Chimera                              "Most Eligible", by Artist Peggy Meyerhofer  

P                     "Lazing", by Artist Bob Worthy                      "Musing 1", by Artist Kirsten Schneider                  

O                  "Double X", by  Artist Luke Sims                                           "Stretchies", by Artist Theresa Janisse  

"In recline", by Artist Jynette Myers Wilson                       "Conjurer", by Artist Julia Klemek  
 (no page link yet)                                                                                    .   

We'll be adding works by more artists as we are able. This will entail getting their permission and then obtaining images for placement here. If you like what you see, please write to the artist... or let us know and we will pass the word. If you want to contribute, write us and let us know. We would be honored.

for modeling, contact  Michael
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