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so, you wanna be an art model?

It certainly isn't like fashion modeling, though some do choose to take up art modeling because of the money to be earned. For others,  there is no greater reward than the pride being part of an artist's creative efforts... watching a work grow to completion, and knowing  that they were part of the inspiration. And for still others, it's a  marvelous opportunity to "sit in" on art classes, listening to lectures  on style and technique as we move through our repertoire of poses on the model stand. However, for most of us, it is a combination of  all three... and it is like no other feeling in the world.

Whether for money or self-image, those who want to model for artists,  art classes, and art workshops, must know or learn all the information  that's  required before taking the model stand for a first time. It's more involved than simply dropping your robe and standing there naked. It can be strenuous,  challenging, inspiring, and rewarding. It can be difficult  to know just what makes a pose interesting and how to build  a pose repertoire  that will inspire student and professional alike, or how to modify a movement or activity to create new and fluid poses, or just what it is that separates a gesture from a pose... what to expect when modeling and what to expect from the artists, students, and instructors that are your clients... what supplies a model needs and what are some of the kinds of projects one can  expect... who does one contact and what are the most common requirements... etc., etc., etc.

These few items, among the many things that models must know, are included in what I share with those hopefuls for whom training, coaching and guidance could be helpful when I offer my services as trainer... coach... and mentor.  Southern Californians can take advantage of the live coaching where I reprise my own sessions as demonstrations, and walk trainees through their own as an art model... an education, one important step at a time. Those who are out of the area,  and so who can not meet for one-on-one practice, may consult via e-mail or learn via web cam.

I'm not being altruistic (chuckle). By helping newcomers, I make fresh contacts that later lead to new gigs with new artists. I will accept a small negotiated fee for my assistance, but will easily trade my time to any artist or photographer who wishes to try modeling training in exchange for images that I may post in  my portfolio. My personal reward is the creation of good will and the networking that builds a fertile environment for ALL models. This exchange works very well.


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