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 Artist Kirsten Schneider

...of Southern California,
Contact Kirsten Schneider@msn.com

Kirsten Schneider received her BA in Fine Arts from St. Mary of the Woods College, Indiana, where she concentrated in ceramics. She continues to study and work at Orange Coast and Cypress Colleges. She enjoys combining ceramics and painting, and frequently uses oil paints as well as glazes on her works, which are often raku, pit or low fired.

"Bacchus",  2 views

"Musing 1", 3 views
(From Kirsten:) "As promised, here are some photos of one of the works I did when you were modeling for Julia's class at OCC last year. I have another sculpture (same pose) that I'll be firing in the raku kiln in the ceramics class next door, hopefully Monday, and will forward you photos as soon as it's done, if you like, that is (and assuming it doesn't blow up, god forbid). Oh yes, a word on how I got the colors:  I sculpted this using white stoneware. After bisque firing it,  I applied some low-fire underglaze and used a little glaze pencil in places, then pit-fired it at the beach. - Kirsten"
"Musing 2", 4 views
 (and after the firing:)  "Here is that other sculpture.  I raku fired this one (Monday, in fact) and am rather pleased with how it turned out. I used very little glaze - the reddish areas are brushed with "copper sand" while the white smooth areas were brushed with white crackle. Thanks again, enjoy, and I'll see you in Julia's class again soon. - Kirsten"
Please write to Kirsten Schneider@msn.com