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art model - costumed poses
It is a joy for Michael to step onto a model stand and have an artist begin his or
her study of the subject being presented. They search for a special angle... a interesting fall of light... a wonderful spread of shadow... all the hard-to-define somethings which reach out to an artist, touching his or her muse. As a model, Michael feels an obligation to bring these things to the session and present them for the artist(s) to capture... any way he can.

Providing period costumes, is one of the ways Michael strives to inspire artists to reach into themselves to create from imagination and spirit. They have a wonderful time when Michael arrives as an Early Highlander, brandishing his sword with a harsh, barbaric grimace and just a bit of mood setting, menacing melodrama (chuckle).
Good models need to be as much an actor as a subject.
Scrolling below, you can study  another of Michael's costumes... his Roman Patrician... haughty... decadent...  moody.  This again shows how period costuming can provide artists, art students and art workshops, with the special qualities they don't usually have a chance to capture... and that is something which Michael is always most happy to provide.

Attention to detail and a bit of stage presence is brought to a session to inspire. Never be afraid to ask Michael for things you have not yet studied.

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