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Artist Bob Worthy
 ...of Northern Neck, Virginia
write to Bob at artwork@bobworthy.com

Westmorland, VA Artist Bob Worthy To exhibit in Fredericksburg, VA.,
at The Wounded Bookshop, September 1st through 30th, 2006.

("Two thumbs up"... Read the review by Dave Smalley: Click HERE)

The Fredericksburg Athenaeum, nonprofit society of the arts and letters is sponsoring an
art exhibition entitled, Looking Backward, by Westmorland artist and member of the art
group, Exposure Unlimited, Bob Worthy, September 1 - 30, 2006. The exhibit is sponsored
in part by members of the Athenaeum and Richard Poole of Citigroup, Smith Barney here
in the city. A First Friday opening reception will be held Friday, September 1st from 6 to 10 pm
and is free and open to the public. The work will feature three distinct series: Vintage Nudes,
Country Stores and Antibody Warriors.

Exhibit Details:

Looking Backward
An Exhibit by Bob Worthy

September 1 - 30, 2006

First Friday Opening Reception
September 1st 6 - 10pm

The Wounded Bookshop 109 Amelia Street Fredericksburg, VA 22401
540-373-1311 www.woundedbookshop.com  Contact: Paul Lewis

and Bob's works can now also be seen at AbsoluteNudes.com/


Poloroid transfers with mixed media

"Nap Time", by Bob Worthy

"To laze on a Summer's day"... two transfera studies of Michael,  by Bob Worthy

Bob Worthy lives in the Northern Neck area of Virginia.  He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University where he is now an adjunct professor in their off-campus graduate program for the School of the Arts.  Bob is a founding member of  Exposure Unlimited, a group of Fredericksburg area artists, founded in 1985, which exhibit their artwork together and support each other's artistic activities.

The above are dedicated in memory of two people the world will sadly miss... Chris Worthy, a photographic artist whose goal was to record the wonder of humanity, and her favorite model, Bob Meadows (pictured above)... a man who loved what he did. The above images of Bob Meadows were captured by Bob Worthy himself when a guest at one of Chris' photo shoots.
*"Making art is a spiritual experience for me; an experience involving both acceptance and acquiescence.  It becomes a matter of trusting and letting go; trusting myself to be the best artist I can be and then allowing myself to be that artist.  The act of creation, while problem solving by nature, is also an act of faith and intuition.  My best art happens when I surrender myself to the creative process and let the art make itself. My work always begins as an inspiration, idea or trigger or just a "flash" that generates an "ah ha" response in me. An image of the finished piece or sometimes just a sense or feeling is my motivation for starting. What results, is not always what I expected to happen.  There are times when the actuality of the finished piece can be unsettling, foreign and strange.  'You know my work never turns out the way I planned it'  is a familiar phrase."        - Bob Worthy

Check Bob's profile at ArtsPoint.org: Artist Bob Worthy

Contact Bob Worthy @  artwork@bobworthy.com

and be sure to see more of Bob's
works at http://www.bobworthy.com/