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life model - themed poses
    Michael has found that posing need not simply be just costumed or nude. What can catch the eye and the imagination, is when the model brings themes to poses... still a life model, but with a flavor that can appeal to the muse. So, whatever the artist asks, Michael does his best to provide. This matters to him... not only to listen carefully to the things an artist may wish to capture... not only acknowledging his willingness to do as an artist may need... but to always go the extra step and bring to each session something special. It may be up to the artist to create, but if a model does his (or her) best to inspire, no matter the request, everyone gains.

A Viking upon his manner seat... waiting on word from his men.

Fur leggings, horns, a laurel wreath, and hoofs... instant satyr.

Now a crown, scepter, and leopard skin wrap... instant monarch.

Being coy?                  A steely gaze?                 A chuckle at mankind
Being followed?             Looking for a lost soul?             An evil guffaw?

Our favorite from the last few years was The Demon.  It took horns, a scaly tail, and evil batwings to create... as well as a generous supply of contact cement... but it was as much fun to portray as it was for the artists to capture. Modeling should always be fun!   
Michael's Laughing Devil

This just all goes to show that artmodels may be as creative
as the artists for which they pose. Being able to add to the
 imaginative spirit makes a session very fulfilling indeed.

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