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Artist Peg Meyerhofer

...formerly of southern California,


Troll Guard                              Dead Viking

Smug King                Angry King                Coconuts

Hildy                 Eligible Ogre               Viking Squash

...And a bit about Peg:

Peg Meyerhofer has drawn cartoons ever since she could pick up a pencil. Perhaps it was because she grew up in the middle of nowhere living among farmers. She had an active imagination and farm life was a bit mundane for all those wild drawings dancing around inside her head. (Although she does admit she picked up the handy ability to hypnotize chickens.) So Peg started to draw and never stopped. She freelances and develops corporate logos, T shirt designs and cartoons for the financial, sporting, floral, silk-screen and stamp design businesses. She also performs caricature work for individual clients and provides drawing lessons to children.

Contact Peg at Info@PegsWork.com
and visit her site:  http://www.PegsWork.com