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Photographer Ellis Martin

  Hmmm... about Ellis Martin...  It became one of my greatest pleasures to have shared the studio with a photographer who is truly one of California's greatest resources. Being able to capture a mood or quality takes patience, intuition, insight, and ability... as well as a bit of eccentricity.  Ellis has these qualities in abundance, as well as the spontaneity and verve that make shoots with him quite a lot of fun. Studying the results of his photographic art takes the viewer from an aching beauty with nature, to the mysteries of machine and of mankind. He captures the human form in all its intricacy... and whether portrait, figure, glamour, or art nude... he finds in his subjects tantalizing qualities that makes you return to the images again and again.  Those that wish to instill their portfolios with virtue, vision, and quality, should contact him. Even beginners benefit.

"Tina Escapes"                                                                                 "Angel in Purple Feathers"
"Triad"                                                                     "Planet M"

John is featured in several gallery showings here in
southern California.  Among his works to be displayed,
will be his passion series. I share a few samples...
By candle's light does passion seem most worthy....