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Photographer Evan Parsons
of Burbank's own KC Productions has some
incredible things to relate with his use of composition
and content. Forgive this little advertisement, but my time
with him left me feeling very grateful to have been a part.
"No Trespass"                                                                                              "Not a Drop"

KC Productions is currently seeking models to pose fashion,
swimmer, lingerie or artistic nude for use on CD covers and
media for the promotions of bands in the L.A. area.  
"Desert Rage"

Sometimes they may be willing to pay with impressive portfolio
 work, but they'll otherwise usually provide Time For Prints.
"Chain Link Leather"                                                                              "Water Rush"

Much of Evan's work goes to music promotions and other artwork.
"Girl from the Space Country"                                                 "Planet Farm - Promo Image"

KC Productions also offers services in portfolio development,
image enhancement, web design, promotions, and extremely low
 rates on mass printing. If you have any interest in working with
or developing your portfolio with the genius of KC Productions,
 contact Evan Parsons at kcfparsons@hotmail.com or through
the KC Productions profile at One Model Place.