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The Figure Drawing Factory

Their credo:
The human body is truly a magnificent work of art. Those who truly comprehend and appreciate this are the members we seek. If you have a sincere interest in art, and the study of the human form, we'd very much enjoy your participation in and contributions to this group, and hope that you will join. We look forward to creating an environment that can be of benefit to all participants in the pursuit of improving artistic skills and artwork appreciation.

This Yahoo Group suggests frequent specific figure drawing exercises that assist artists of all levels in perfecting their figure drawing skills. These projects benefit those seeking to enhance their figure study, no matter the level, style, or approach they may currently enjoy and/or seek.  This group is also for those who wish to assist artists by offering modeling services though the contribution of human figure photos. This group wishes to include real people from everyday life, not just those that might be considered a "perfect 10". Group members are encouraged to create and contribute appropriate photos of themselves to assist in this effort. Photos of or by anyone who is not a member of this group will not be permitted, so join and contribute... as an artist or as a model. It is stressed that this group will maintain the highest professional standards possible in this pursuit. Inappropriate behavior in any form will not be tolerated. Membership will be carefully evaluated. All members are expected to contribute to the group either as an artist, as a model, or at the very least as an art lover offering constructive artistic evaluations and interpretations as projects are completed and the resulting works are submitted.
watercolour by Royce  

   painting by Pexa

 charcoal sketch by Ismael

drawing by J Gabby  

 drawing by Crystal

So.... if belonging to such a great group appeals to you, please contact
them and join:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/figure_drawing_factory/

                                                                            Tell them Michael sent you.