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Artist Brian Barnabas Bednarek
of Woodbridge, New Jersey...
write brine@sprintmail.com

Brine speaks: "What can I say about myself? Well, I have been drawing the figure from life since I was 15 (almost 30 years ago).  I really enjoy the process of drawing from life, it's energetic and emotional, specially with a good model that I connect with. I started out wanting to be a comic strip artist, I dreamed of drawing Dick Tracy when i grew up. I copied that style when I was real young, I still can draw a mean Dick Tracy and most of his Rogue's Gallery. I discovered comic books and Jack Kirby, he was the greatest influence on my comics style. Once I started drawing from life my style evolved. I spent hours in the library looking at all types of art. Like many artists, I would mimic the various styles I liked. Some of my more obvious influences have been Michaelangelo, Rodin, Van Gough, Picasso, Egon Schiele and David Hockney. I am a great fan of the human form and have been fortunate enough to have people like what I do and want to have it on their walls. I try to draw from life at least once a week, usually more... I do have a 40 hour a week job to barely pay the bills and feed this passion."

Using Michael as his resource, Brine created these colorful images directly below...

Demon                                    Satyr                                       Wet and Wild

...and Brine has much more to offer a viewer who admires his art.
p        "Emerging from the Shadows"                                    "Front"
p        Black & White with Sepia Toning                                 Black & White with Selenium Toning
p        Shot with a Kiev 60                                                          Shot with Zero 2000 pinhole camera

Brine expresses energy and emotion in his both his photography
and his drawings. Visit his many sites to discover more of this artist:

Brine's photography site & Brine's figure drawing site

There's a lot more to be discovered among the pages of Brine's
sites, so I'll just leave it to the viewer to see for themselves.