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Harvard-Westlake School - 2003
During November of 2003, I had the honor and privilege to model at the Harvard-Westlake School for three weeks. I owe a debt of thanks to instructors Arthur Tobias and Marianne Hall. The students there exceeded themselves and created some wonderful works.  I was further honored by their works of this period being shown in the school's gallery. That I was able to inspire such remarkable talents is both humbling and elating. Below, I share the results of that exhibit .  - Michael


 Instructor Marianne Hall and one of the many gifted students

A few more of the student artists I met again at the gallery reception

  And here I stand among some of the many works displayed in the gallery.

Some of the works were not finished in time. I could not let this opportunity
go by without thanking those students as well and sharing their efforts.



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