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Art Center College of Design

As it goes, what with my modeling at Art Center for several years now, I have made friendships
with many of their instructors. They are among the most dedicated teachers found anywhere... and I
feel honored every time I am called upon to serve as model for their classes.  Here, I chronicle my
time posing for classes.  I am honored that John has chosen me to be part of his lesson plan.


Celebrate Art with John HowARTh  

A rare and delightful interpretation by artist Jee-Shaun Wang:

And when not with John, I proudly serve other instructors.

recent results from a painting workshop of June 26, 2005
Michael in pose                                     Artist at work                                     Artist with work                    Finished portrait

results from a costumed painting class of April 2005
Profile of June 26 pose                      Highlander Michael by Charles Wills          Highlander Michael by John Wilson

   Craig Ateberry's figure drawing class, April 9, 2005



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