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life model - classical poses
In fine arts modeling,  the "undraped figure" provides the majority of poses and gestures making up the bulk of work done by artists in their constant pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and study of the human form in all its diversity.

This is the area where Michael makes his own best contribution to artists of all skill levels. Being as versatile a model as he can,  he sparks the artist's muse. They may ask for any sort of pose from him with absolutely no fear of my being embarrassed. He does as  requested and considers no pose too wild or outré. His sole purpose as a model is to provide for the artist. If he can inspire the creative fervor in his clients by sharing with them those things they rarely have the chance to study, then he's doing the job for which he was contacted.

And from Michael......                                                                                                                             .

"Being a part of the creative process fulfills me in many ways as almost nothing else can."

"Simple poses can be inspirational to my clients. Classic poses based on Yoga, or my poses sharing foreshortening of torso or limbs and extremities, allow artists to concentrate on detail."

"I present poses and gestures which allow  my clients to specifically work with my volume and mass... letting them use negative and positive space. I encourage my clients to use me in any way they wish and assure them of my willing cooperation."

"I am as I am, presenting my weight and size and mass, my curves and volume and shape to improve my clients abilities and to be a part of their greater creative efforts. I leave each session feeling renewed as I give my all to the artist who asks."

"The poses shown here are only a sample... a little taste of the kind of challenge I provide. I skillfully provide my  clients with whatever they might request. It honors me to be able to contribute to something bigger than myself when I share that which an artist is not usually able to capture or study in most classes and workshops."

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