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Artist Julia Araiza

...of southern California,

Julia Ariaza started sculpting in September, 2001 as an adventure. Since then,
she has produced over 100 pieces  depicting the human form... representative,
figurative, and abstract. She does portrait busts and portrait reliefs. She works
in terra cotta, bronze, and concrete.

"Girl With Braids"                                            "Sumo Meditation"                                 "Ballet" - a 16"bronze relief  
Although new to sculpture, she is not new to art, having graduated from the
Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, which included courses in life
sketching and fashion drawing. She has knowledge AND hands-on experience
in the construction industry, a plus for the design and construction aspects of
three-dimensional exteriors. Years of studying Flamenco dance provided her
experience in movement, drama, and knowledge of muscles and balance.

"Blue Nude" - 20" tall with blue patina        "Forever" - evocation of Laci Petersen          small abstract version of "Evocation"

She works in her studio and at various classes and workshops. She is
available for commission works, and will create to suit a client's theme.

Michael in "The Nap"                                                                                              Michael in "The Buddha"
Artist's statement:  "I am pulled to the human figure. Through depiction of the
human form, I portray pieces of life, the energy of muscle tension and emotion,
 of vulnerability and whimsical moments. In portrait busts and figure studies,
I strive to show the essence of the person. I am also exploring abstract sculpture...
from cubism of the human form to non-subjective."  - Julia Araiza
                                                                                              Contact  Julia  at  714 544 6565,  P.O. Box 10992, Santa Ana, CA  92711

"Caprice"  (front)                                                "Caprice"  (back)